NEW Weighbridge Operators e-learning

NEW Weighbridge Operators e-learning

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This e-learning course provides you with information to help you become a competent weighbridge operator. The course takes less than 2 hours to complete.

The course provides you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • adhere to the legislative requirements
  • understand the legal obligations and duties of an operator
  • make accurate measurements
  • complete direct, axle and end-and-end measurement tickets correctly

Topics covered include:

  • legislation relating to weighbridges
  • responsibilities of owners and operators
  • requirements for weighbridges in use for trade
  • public weighbridge requirements
  • weighing methods and ticket writing for
    • direct weighing
    • end-and-end weighing
    • axle weighing

Please contact to schedule a face-to-face course for your company, if required.

NOTE: This training is offered independently of, and does not substitute for, the assessment process required for weighbridge operators.

For more information contact +61 2 8467 3796 or