Verifying Wheeled Loader Weighing Instruments

Verifying Wheeled Loader Weighing Instruments

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This one-day course (9 am to 5 pm) covers the test procedures required to verify wheeled loader weighing instruments usually connected to loaders used to weigh and load loose construction or landscape materials or connected to waste collection vehicles.

NOTE: The content of this course does not cover the testing of control instruments, which are usually non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI), due to time constraints. If you do not have any current experience of testing/verifying NAWIs, it is strongly recommended that you attend the course Verifying non-automatic weighing instruments PRIOR to attending this course.

What to expect

This classroom training session will provide you with knowledge and mathematical skills to:

  • understand the role of trade measurement within the national measurement system
  • understand the requirements for reference standards and equipment used for testing wheeled loader weighing instruments
  • analyse a wheeled loader weighing instrument's operating environment to determine how it could impact on its performance
  • verify a wheeled loader weighing instrument in accordance with test procedures
  • understand the responsibilities of a verifier working under a servicing licence


The topics covered include:

  • Australia's measurement system
  • reference standards of measurement
  • certificates of approval
  • equipment required for testing
  • control instruments
  • test objects
  • maximum permissible errors and standard procedures
  • loading cycles
  • zero-setting test
  • eccentricity test 
  • weighing performance test
  • limits of indication (over-range blanking) test
  • load receptor (“Bucket”) location sensor test
  • tilting (out of level) test
  • hydraulic system articulation test
  • checking transaction records
  • verifier obligations

Further information

Training delivery is subject to participant numbers. A confirmation email will be sent to each participant 2 weeks prior to the course date. We suggest you book your travel arrangements after receiving this course confirmation email.

For more information contact +61 2 8467 3796 or

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