E-learning - Verifying Non-automatic Weighing Instruments

E-learning - Verifying Non-automatic Weighing Instruments

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NOTE: This training is offered independently of, and does not substitute for, the assessment process required for verifying non-automatic weighing instruments. Assessment information is found here.

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This e-learning course explains the test procedures required to verify digital non-automatic weighing instruments with a capacity not exceeding 3 tonnes. The course takes less than 3 hours to complete.

This course will provide you with the knowledge to:
  • understand the role of trade measurement within the national measurement system
  • analyse a non-automatic weighing instrument's operating environment to determine how it could impact on its performance
  • verify a non-automatic weighing instrument in accordance with test procedures

Topics covered include:
  • Australia's measurement system
  • reference standards of measurement
  • certificates of approval
  • equipment required for testing
  • maximum permissible errors
  • zero-setting test
  • discrimination test
  • eccentricity test 
  • repeatability test
  • weighing test without substitution
  • tare test
  • supplementary test
  • completing the test report

Please contact to schedule a face-to-face course for your company, if required.

Students will have access to the e-learning for 4 months from enrolment, and can continue to log in after they have completed the course, within this period.

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