E-learning - Verifying Point of Sale Systems

E-learning - Verifying Point of Sale Systems

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This e-learning course explains the test procedures required to verify point of sale systems. 

This course will provide you with the knowledge to:
      • understand the role of trade measurement within the national measurement system
      • understand the legal framework that verifiers operate under
      • understand the common requirements, as well as the specific requirements, of POS systems and auxiliary devices
      • verify a POS system in accordance with the test procedures


        The topics covered include:

        • Australia's measurement system
        • certificates of approval
        • verifier obligations
        • terminology and units of measurement
        • common requirements for POS systems and auxiliary devices
        • POS systems – specific requirements
        • test procedures for POS systems
        • auxiliary devices


        Please contact to schedule a face-to-face course for your company, if required.

        Students will have access to the e-learning for 4 months from enrolment, and can continue to log in after they have completed the course, within this period.

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