Simple Measures

Simple Measures

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Only verifiers deemed competent and registered by NMI may verify instruments used for trade. Recognition kits (RKs) assess your competence against performance criteria related to your work. These performance criteria are set out in units of competency. Successful completion of a recognition kit will lead to the awarding of a Statement of Attainment which will allow you to be registered by our Licensing Section as a verifier.

Read the Recognition Kit Instructions for Verifiers and Weighbridge Operators (PDF) and ensure you have practical experience that allows you to generate evidence related to test reports and transaction records.

You will be assessed against the following units of competency:

If successful you will be awarded the Skill Set MSMSS00012 - Trade Measurement Verification (Simple Measures).


Download the checklist when submitting kits to the NMI Administrator. All RK submissions must be accompanied with a completed checklist.

The 1.1 & 1.2 RK is a fillable form. Download and complete the 1.1 & 1.2 recognition kit.

The 3.1 & 3.2 RK is a fillable form. Download and complete the 3.1 & 3.2 recognition kit.

The 4.3 RK is a hard copy form. Download and complete the 4.3 recognition kit.

    For subclasses 4.1, 4.4-4.8, 4.10; please contact the NMI Administrator on

    Please find the Useful Web links for verifiers document for your reference. 


    • Once you have your completed recognition kit, submit it to the NMI Administrator at, along with your checklist and certified ID. You will be advised if you are ready to enrol and pay by credit card.
    • For those who require an invoice prior to making payment, choose the relevant option, after checkout, when you are instructed to enrol by the NMI Administrator.
    • When we receive confirmation of payment we will process your enrolment, send you a confirmation email and your completed recognition kit will be assigned to an assessor.
    • Your assessor will contact you to discuss your kit and arrange an interview.

    Any refund applied due to enrolment changes will be prorated against the number of instrument subclasses assessed in a single skill set.

    Further information

    Please contact the NMI administrator in the following circumstances:

    • You need assistance in understanding the requirements for compiling your kit.


    Tel: 02 8467 3796

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