Temperature measurement

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This three-day course (9 am to 5 pm) covers the measurement of temperature and the calibration of temperature measuring instruments. It incorporates extensive hands-on practical exercises. Please find the link to the brochure here.

Knowledge and skills

The course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • understand the principles of operation of common temperature sensors and their instrumentation, especially thermocouples and resistance, radiation and liquid-in-glass thermometers
  • employ suitable processes for calibrating and using temperature measurement equipment 
  • identify various sources of error that affect temperature measurements
  • develop the technical understanding required to become a NATA signatory


The topics covered include:
  • physics of temperature measurement
  • temperature scale, traceability and international standards
  • thermocouple electromotive force, measurement and calibration 
  • properties of thermocouples and systematic errors
  • infrared and general radiation thermometry and their application
  • errors and calibration in radiation thermometry
  • calibration baths and furnaces
  • digital thermometers 
  • resistance thermometry: associated errors and calibration 
  • enclosure testing (multi-site measurements)
  • liquid-in-glass thermometry
  • estimating measurement uncertainty
  • extensive hands-on practical exercises in measurement

Past Attendees have said...

"I have gained a better understanding of calibration and temperature measurement techniques"

"We have a better understanding of thermocouple theory and will help us to achieve better measurements"

Further information

Training delivery is subject to participant numbers. A confirmation email will be sent to each participant 2 weeks prior to the course date. We suggest you book your travel arrangements after receiving this course confirmation email.

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