Calibration and measurement fundamentals - ONLINE DELIVERY

Calibration and measurement fundamentals - ONLINE DELIVERY

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This course covers general metrological terms, definitions and explains practical concept applications involved in calibration and measurements. The course is recommended for technical officers and laboratory technicians working in all industry sectors who are involved in making measurements and calibration process.

Please find the link to the brochure here.

Knowledge and Skills

The course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • develop an understanding of calibration and measurement fundamentals
  • understand how to interpret the information on calibration reports
  • evaluate whether equipment is fit-for-purpose
  • evaluate the suitability of in-house checks on reference equipment


The topics covered include:

  • metrological definitions and terms
  • common measurement parameters and influence factors
  • measurement strategy and principles of measurement
  • the importance of calibration to measurement
  • traceability concept
  • calibration vs adjustment
  • practical application of measurement uncertainty
  • in-house checks on reference equipment
  • test data analysis

Further information

Once enrolled, our trainer will schedule a time with you to test Webex and the connection. The price includes all training materials (hard-copy and electronic), an NMI USB, pen and notepad (which will be mailed to your postal address). All other training resources will be provided electronically.

Face to face courses are suspended until further notice, based on advice from the Government. You can download the course brochure here, as well as information about face-to-face training on the second page. 

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