Analyse measurements and estimate uncertainities

Analyse measurements and estimate uncertainties

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Analyse Measurements and Estimate Uncertainties physical metrology assessment is designed to evaluate and recognise participants competence to estimate measurement uncertainty in accordance with the ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement.

Enrolment includes assessment against  MSL924001 Process and Interpret Data and MSL925002 Analyse Measurements and Estimate Uncertainties units of competency.

These units of competency can be credited towards any qualification listed in the MSL training package. Participants can find a Registered Training Organisation who delivers relevant qualifications by accessing TGA website:

Read the Physical Metrology Assessment Process and ensure you have practical experience that allows you to generate evidence.


Participants should be able:

  • to perform calculations of scientific quantities using calculator or Microsoft excel
  • to use scientific notation and relevant scientific and technical terminology
  • to prepare graphs, tables and charts and interpreting trends
  • to convert units involving multiples and submultiples
  • to determine statistical values of data such as mean, median, mode and standard deviation
  • to transpose and evaluate formulae
  • to perform calculations involving fractions, decimals, proportions and per cent


Resources may include:

  • specialised calibration/test equipment, reference standards and laboratory facilities
  • access to a library of calibration methods, procedures and equipment specifications
  • enterprise quality manual and procedures.

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